Legal Responsibility for Proper Retaining Wall Design and Construction

If you have a retaining wall on your premises, or if you are contemplating building a replacement or a new retaining wall, there are a number of important factors that you need to bear in mind. These include the legal liability, or legal responsibility, that you have in regard to a retaining wall on your property.  Overall Legal Liability or Responsibility for a Retaining Wall Generally speaking, you have a legal responsibility to maintain a retaining wall in a reasonable safe and sound condition. If you have a retaining wall, or construct one, it must be maintained properly, and safety issues must be addressed. If you fail to maintain a retaining wall in a proper manner, and the state of the retaining wall results the damage to another person or business’ property, you likely will bear legal responsibility for those damages under certain circumstances. Similarly, if another person is injured because of a defect associated with a retaining wall, you can face responsibility for losses associated with an injury sustained by someone else.  Elements Associated with Legal Responsibility for Injuries, Damages, or Losses Associated with a Retaining Wall If you are to be held responsible for injuries, damages, or losses associated with a retaining wall, a person seeking compensation from you must demonstrate the existence of four elements. First, a demonstration must be made that you have a duty of care regarding a retaining wall. This can be established if you have a retaining wall on your property that you constructed or are responsible for maintaining. Second, a demonstration must be made that you breached that duty of care. For example, this can be done if you fail to properly maintain a retaining wall. Third, the breach of duty of care must be the legal and actual cause of the accident and injuries or damages. Finally, another party must sustain actually losses, injuries, or damages. They cannot be merely speculative  Engage a Qualified Retaining Wall Engineer Your legal responsibility for a properly constructed retaining wall begins at the design phase. In this regard, you need to engage a qualified, experienced retaining wall engineer to ensure that a proposed retaining wall is of a suitable, sound design. If you fail to engage the services of an experienced engineer, and elect to proceed with construction without the involvement of a qualified engineer, you open yourself up to legal liability should something go awry in regard to the construction of or completed retaining wall. The reality is that the absence of proper engineering in advance of construction of a retaining wall can expose workers involved in the project to safety issues. Once completed, if an experienced engineer was not involved in designing the wall, a design deficiency can expose you to legal liability. This can include legal responsibility to a person injured because of a design flaw.  You can also be held responsible to property damage causes by an improperly designed retaining wall. This can occur when a defectively designed retaining wall abuts a public thoroughfare of some sort or another individual’s property.  ]]>

Family Law

Resolve your family disputes

family law firm with experienced lawyers who take care of various family related issues like divorce, adoption, guardianship, grandparent’s rights, family appeals, step parents adoption etc. An insight of law services The lawyers in Stange Law Firm, PC have the ability to help with complex cases. They are highly skilled to handle serious issues. Some of the attorneys in this firm have spoken at family law seminars to educate others in the legal industry on issues related to family law and the procedure to sort out the issues in an optimum way. Divorce cases: Stange Law Firm, PC deals with divorce cases in an effective manner. Initially the lawyer may try to ty to resolve their case through settlement outside of court. This law firm comprises of qualified divorce lawyers to focus on the issue optimally and assist the couples settle their divorce or family law matter. The family issues are handled with utmost care because it often involves the future of kids. Each and every factor is analyzed before filing the divorce case in the court. The lawyers offer personal guidance to those going through divorce. The divorce lawyers initially analyze the disputes and identify feasible ways to try to reach a compromise.  Sometimes, collaborative divorce or mediation are options. But in some cases, the case cannot settle and the family court judge ultimately has to make a decision after trial. Educate the client: The divorce lawyers used to educate their clients regarding the divorce laws in order to help them understand their rights and make the best possible decisions regarding their representation. The divorce attorneys will go through the pros and cons of various decisions beforehand and prepare their clients to face the difficulties ahead. The divorce lawyers generally prefer to reach an amicable settlement where possible, but that is not always possible.  In some cases, the only way to conclude a case is through a trial. Practical law assistance: Stange Law Firm, PC is the right place to resolve all sorts of family issues confidentially. It is a family law firm and they carry out the process in a competent, communicative and diligent manner. They serve the clients with diligent assistance and give them ample opportunities for an amicable resolution, but are prepared for trial where settlement is not possible. Compassionate law firm Apart from legal process the divorce attorneys provide compassionate assistance to the clients. They comfort the clients and prepare to face the issues in a positive manner. The responsible lawyers will support the clients throughout the process without any regrets. Do not hesitate to approach Stange Law Firm, PC to resolve your family disputes. Disclaimer The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.  Kirk Stange, 120 South Central Avenue, Suite 450, Clayton, Missouri 63105.]]>


Top-Most Duties of Domestic Violence Sydney Lawyers

unable to control their temper, use excessive force or become violent to their partners inflicting severe injuries to them. It is for this reason that one needs to hire the family lawyers for domestic violence case, who have the experience in handling similar cases, unlike any other lawyer who specialises in different fields of law. On the other end, expect the accused to also have his or her own criminal lawyers who will uphold them no matter where the case ends. Below are the responsibilities of a marital violence Sydney lawyers include the following:

  • When a victim of the abuserequires protection, household brutality Sydney advocates are ever present to do so. It is vital to note that a victim of such violence may not feel comfortable or secure opening up to their relatives or friends. However, a legal person is easy to understand because they have an understanding of the law and can, therefore, protect the victim without adding more problems to them. The home violence attorneys Sydney assist their clients by providing them with a secure shelter and also acquiring a court order that prohibits the perpetrator from continuing with the harassment. In fact, in different parts of Sydney city domestic violence solicitors Sydney perform the duty of rescuing either the abused children or spouse by providing a safe place to live.
  • Marital fighting legal representatives Sydney may also file lawsuits against the offenders. If a person reports a case of either emotional or physical torture or which is easy to prove in a court of law, then it warrants a lawsuit. When filing such a case, the domestic violence counsels Sydney will assist the victim to determine the damage that requires The payment in question depends on the magnitude of pain and suffering that the victim might have gone through during the period of torture. Additionally, hospital bills and any other costs incurred to acquire treatment should go to the offender.
  • When the case involves the child abuse, domestic violence barristers Sydney are in a position to handle such problems. The violence inflicted on the victims may render them weak and unable to even work. Therefore, when one requires representation on an internal issue, these are the best people to contact. Furthermore, during the legal battle, the lawyers will ensure they give you the best legal representation because they understand the legal procedures and approaches. Now the offenders will surely find every possible way to come out clean. During this time, the people they need to contact immediately are the best criminal lawyers for domestic violence case, so that they can get a fair settlement.
Summary:- Domestic violence is currently a contentious issue because of the difficulty in proving it when it occurs or unwillingness of the victim to follow the legal framework to get help. The victims often decide to stay put in an abusive marriage because of the emotional attachment or confusion. Additionally, lack of a stable income and resources to support themselves and children may result in one remaining in such a marriage.]]>


Know More in Detail about the Kinds of Offense of Court Orders

Few of the prominent court offenses:

  • Contempt of court orders: Mainly in every county it is of two kinds.
    • Civil contempt: Mainly deals with family matters like in divorce proceedings, disregarding child support, ancestral asset disputes or other family issues. If the person isn’t paying respect to the court orders, then he/she can be charged on contempt of court. Sometimes the offensive person can even be sentenced to stay behind bars for considerable time period. A well acclaimed attorney will assist in gaining relief quickly.
    • Criminal contempt: Disrespecting the court orders may result in severe sentence to be endured or high fine. Consulting an expert attorney dealing in criminal offense becomes essential to reduce the time period of the sentence. It can take place directly or indirectly. If disrespect is conducted in the court room, it means direct contempt of the court proceedings. Indirect contempt occurs outside the court premises by not abiding the order of the court statements.
  • Enforcement: Often people violate the orders of the court due to personal reasons. To enforce the stated verdict a court can enforce monetarily or even sentence the person to jail. The court has even the liability to cease the property of the offender and suspend the working license of the person disrespecting the court order.
  • Modification: Appealing for the change in the court verdict generally happens in divorce proceedings or in other family disputes. The modification can be applied for child custody in divorce proceedings, spouse support matters, visitation rights to be extended or child support monetary aid to be reduced or decreased.
Violations of the court orders are considered to be a serious offence in some counties. Sometimes, the person can be even sentenced to jail for few years. Whether it is civil or criminal contempt, it doesn’t matter as the verdict of the judge need to be followed when the final judgment is declared. Modifications of the court final statements are often done in family courts. Even in divorce cases when the spouses prefer to stay together after resolving the differences, they apply to withdraw the case in order to make the marriage legally accepted. The person needs to change the verdict statement of the court to apply freshly. The process can be simple or complex, all depending upon the kind of case. It is best not to contempt the court orders. Implementing the statement of the court will help in staying away from the wrath of the court. If you live in Gig harbor, it will be quite helpful to appoint Gig Harbor contempt attorney to represent your case in the court. Know more about the court judgment violation acts from various websites where skilled lawyers have provided details about such acts.            ]]>



Defining No-Fault Divorce Arizona is a no-fault divorce state. All couples can get divorce if they have not entered into a covenant marriage. Defining covenant marriage In 1998 Arizona offered its residents to enter into a covenant marriage. It is unlike other marriage contracts. Couples publicly declare that they are committing to traditional ‘fault divorce’ procedures. Unless there are proper grounds for a divorce, they will not get one. Even a simple marriage can be converted into a covenant marriage by submitting an affidavit with the oath. These are the grounds under which a simple marriage can be converted into a covenant marriage.

  • Cruelty or domestic violence
  • Adultery
  • Conviction or domestic violence
  • Abandonment
  • Both spouses agree to a divorce
  • Chronic alcohol or drug abuse
  • If the couple lives separately for at least two years without any reconciliation prior to filing of a divorce petition.
One of the parties should have been living in the Arizona state for the past 90 days to file for divorce. How do I serve my divorce petition? When you file a divorce petition, it along with the summons needs to be served upon the opposing party. The date of service is important as it ends the marital community and starts the  response period from the opposite party.  There are different ways to serve the divorce petition.
  • It can be served in person.
  • It can served through substituted service.
  • It can be served by mail and signed acknowledgement.
If the respondent lives out of the state, then the following procedures may be adopted for service.
  • It can be served by publication.
  • It can be served by direct service.
According to new Arizona rules, a paper can be served by the following ways.
  • By handing it to the person.
  • It can be left at the person’s office. If you find no one in charge, it can be left at a clearly visible place at the office. If the office is found closed or the respondent doesn’t have any office, the paper can be served at that person’s residential place.
  • It can be mailed via US mail to the person’s last known address.
  • It can also be delivered through electronic means. It is considered complete upon transmission which is the last act by the sender.
On this difficult moment of your life you need expert advice of an established lawyer. You should not go for it on your own. There are different complexities involved in the process such as distribution of assets and child custody. That’s why you should seek help of an expert Arizona Attorney.  ]]>

Traffic Laws

Traffic Tickets Can Affect Your Driving Record

  • Status of driver’s license
  • Traffic accidents
  • Driving record points
  • Traffic law violations, convictions and fines
  • DUI public records (driving under the influence, drink driving, or drive while intoxicated)
  • Whether your driving license is valid, suspended or cancelled.
  • A driver’s driving record starts with zero demerit point. Demerit points are assigned by the ministry of transportation. These points are added to the driving record if the driver is convicted of breaking certain driving laws. Every country has her own demerit points system. The rules are different depending on whether you are staying in California or somewhere in England. Demerit points could also be different depending on whether you are driving in Los Angeles or in Asia. No one likes to accumulate demerit points on his or her driving record. The demerit points stay on the driving record for 2 years from the date of conviction. Driving records with too many demerit points can cause the suspension of the driver’s license. The demerit points will also determine whether the driver’s license is going to be renewed or whether the driver needs to be re tested. Not many drivers know that their traffic tickets can be legally contested. Those who knew about it seldom contest because the city and municipal governments have made the process inconvenient and cumbersome. Those who have contested and succeeded, they did so with the service of professionals who are experts in this field. If you have been issued a speeding ticket while driving in California, you can get the California speeding ticket lawyer to look into your case. If a driver is caught with beating a red traffic light, the driver could be given a ticket by a police officer or get a red light ticket if the driver is caught on a traffic camera. Before paying a red light ticket, the driver should go to a red light lawyer to find out the penalties for beating red lights and whether you could get a trial or plead not guilty. Besides being fined, the driver will get 3 demerit points and these points accumulated, could affect the driver’s insurance rates. DUI or driving under the influence is a severe offense. When drivers have been charged with driving under the influence in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles DUI attorneys will determine whether the charge could be reduced or dropped altogether. In most cases, they will try to get the DUI charge reduced to a reckless driving charge which is far less severe than those charged with a DUI offence.]]>


     Things People ask Employment Lawyers

    Labour lawyers today in almost every part of the world. These lawyers will often offer unpaid or cheap consultation to talk about the details of your issues and allow you an opportunity to ask some basic questions about the lawyer. You should not use this discussion as a determinant factor of whether to or not to hire a lawyer, but should also act as a determinant of whether that particular lawyer is the right one for your case. However, if you find that the lawyer can represent you accordingly, you can proceed to ask more detailed questions pertaining your case. Below are 7 things people ask employment lawyers.

    1. Are there other alternative ways of dealing with my case?
    When discussing legal matters with your lawyer, you are at liberty to ask any question that you find could be helpful during the entire process. At this juncture, you can ask your legal practitioner whether there are other alternative ways that can be used to address your legal issue, which include arbitration or some outside court agreements. A reputable lawyer will let you know if there are other alternative ways that can help to address your case.
    1. How will you let me keep posted on the progress of my case?
    This is an important question that your lawyer must be able to let you know. Remember it is crucial to know every progress of your case. A good lawyer should be able to provide you with the modes of communication he/she will use to let you know what’s happening with your case. Question the lawyer how frequently and under what circumstances you will hear from him or her. You’ll want to know how your case is coming along and about other significant dates.
    1. What are the likely results in my case?
    Sometimes it is good to be aware of whether you stand a better chance of winning or whether winning chances are minimal in your case. Ask your lawyer, whether you have good chances of winning your case or not. This is to let your lawyer give you an honest feedback. For instance, when dealing with a complicated legal issue, you might be eager to know the outcome before the case comes to an end. Although the answers to questions you ask your lawyer will differ widely, it is imperative to note that nothing should be taken as anassurance. Instead, these questions should give you an overall knowledge of anexplicit lawyer’s experience and skill-level, and whether the lawyer is a good fit for your type of case.  ]]>


    What Do I Need for a Payday Loan?

    Payday loans have many points of interest and one of them is the short rundown of prerequisites for potential borrowers. During the time spent getting consistent loans, a man needs to study a lot of printed material however generally; he or she should meet the necessities of a bank as they are really strict in the dominant part of cases. Among the fundamental things that a man ought to have is a decent or regent record of loan repayment. This comes as a hindrance for a significant incredible number of borrowers as it is quite difficult to keep your financial assessment up to the mark in the present day conditions. As a matter of fact, it is considerably less demanding to get the endorsement for a payday loan. The payday loan prerequisites are insignificant. They incorporate a short rundown of things that are for the most part not an issue for a borrower to give. All moneylenders have their own particular approaches and terms that can contrast. In any case, endorsement for payday credits is given in the event that the accompanying necessities are met:

    • A candidate ought to be a native of the US.
    • A candidate ought to give the confirmation of age and character.
    • A candidate ought to be of at least 18 years.
    • A candidate ought to give his current residence address.
    • A candidate ought to give the verification of pay that is no lower than $1000 every month.
    • A candidate ought to have a substantial investment account in a bank.
    You may likewise be required to supply a duplicate of a few or the greater part of the accompanying:
    • Current bank statement and paycheck stub(s)
    • A cancelled individual check, if accessible
    • current service charge with your name and address
    • legitimate state issued driver’s permit or distinguishing identity proof card
    • legitimate government managed savings card
    Necessities may fluctuate by moneylender and are liable to change. Thus, you must get some information about their prerequisites. A few loan specialists are eager to disregard a man’s awful record as a consumer. All in all, if you require a payday credit and have no financial records, you can unwind. It is quite easy to discover a bank that does not require financial records. Things have changed and it is presently conceivable to get the money you require regardless of whether you have or don’t have financial records. Bank account payday credits are presently accessible with just the necessity of an investment account. There are a couple of organizations that will give you a credit regardless of whether you have an investment account or not. Payday loans by Money4youpaydayloans can be connected by any borrowers notwithstanding the condition of their record. No guarantee or co-endorsers are important to get an endorsement for a payday credit. In any case, it ought to be thought about that payday moneylenders can perform credit checks at their own particular will. The credit choice may be impacted by the condition of a borrower’s financial assessment being referred to.  ]]>


    Services That Business Law Firms Offer

    Civil Litigation A business law firm can assist you when it comes to civil litigation. This practice addresses issues such as breach of sale contracts, purchases, supply and supply contracts, partnership and shareholder disputes, business frauds, and trade secrets just to name a few. Civil litigation can provide the right representation for their clients during dispute resolution forums such as mediations, arbitration, and jury trials. Don’t fight by yourself when business lawyers are there to make sure that you succeed in such legal suits. Construction Law This category of business law can offer relevant support to clients when it comes to construction law such as formation and licensing of businesses, negotiations via project assistance, prevailing wage and labor disputes, construction claims, bid protests, and review of contracts among others. You’d rather have a professional handle this as you pay attention to other important business issues. Corporate and Business A business law firm can help clients in infrastructure and entity formation for business and corporate issues. It can also assist in commercial transactions like supply and manufacturing agreements, acquisitions, and mergers. Estate Planning Probate, and Trust Clients visit business lawyers to get assistance with issues relating to trust, planning and probate. Some of the matters that law firms handle include healthcare and asset decisions. You can also get a good healthcare business lawyer who can handle health issues related to your business. It also deals with children insurance issues, ensuring estate, and issues that revolve around inheritance. Intellectual Property Some of the intellectual property issues that a law firm can help in litigating include patent, unfair competition, and trade secret. It can also offer assistance with technological transaction needs such as development, manufacturing, licensing, and distribution agreement. Labor and Employment When it comes to labor and employment, business lawyers can represent employers in all cases that relate to the employment act. Some of them include offering defense against discrimination, unfair completion, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment just to name a few. It can also assist with labor relation issues like terminating contracts with trade unions and organizing union campaign. Real Estate Law Business lawyers can also offer assistance with real estate issues like property sales and purchases, commercial leasing, real estate litigation, easement, title issues, and licensee disputes.  The firm can also help when it comes to agent commission disputes and real estate brokerage. By now, you should be having a clear understanding of the services that business law firms offer. The next step is to determine the particular law firm to hire depending on the issue at hand. Some of the things to look at is the reputation, years in service, number of good reviews and complaints from existing and previous customers and certifications.]]>


    Choose the Best Lawyer If Are Facing Charges of Domestic Abuse

    lowell domestic violence lawyer, has represented a good number of individuals who were accused of domestic crimes. The list of crimes include domestic assault, child abuse and violation of a restraining order. She has already experienced different situations. Not always the defendant is guilty. Sometimes the alleged victim can trap you in a domestic abuse case to avenge you for some past act. Sometimes alleged victims try to cover up their own transgressions. Sometimes they are looking forward to getting custody of the children in a divorce. In case the defendant and the alleged victim are legally married,  the former has legal right to refuse to testify against their spouse. Without the testimony of the alleged victim, the prosecutor fails to prove the case. Therefore the charges are dismissed. She is experienced enough to pull you out of troubled waters. If the alleged victim works closely with the prosecution in order to convict the defendant, she adopts an aggressive approach to trial. She carefully investigates the alleged victim to prove that the alleged victim is falsely accusing the defendant of these serious crimes. Cross-examination is very important. When the witnesses are cross-examined at trial, their motive is exposed. Therefore the jury see why the alleged victim’s testimony cannot be trusted. Will you allow someone to take your case for granted? Would you like that someone wastes your time and money? Of course no one allows that. These are sensitive cases and can take a bad turn if not in expert hands. Your lawyer should pay special attention to details. In-depth analysis will help him or her understand the ulterior motives behind the charges of the alleged victim. If your lawyer uncovers them, the charges will be dismissed. If you or your beloved is currently facing such a situation, you should immediately consult an efficient lawyer such as Keren Goldenberg. If you have been served restraining order papers or have been charged with violation of a restraining order, you need expert assistance of a lawyer. You deserve to get out of this mess.]]>