How to Find the Right DWI Attorney?

Thousands of people are being stopped by police officers every day under the suspicion of driving while intoxicated (DWI). They are over the legal limit of alcohol consumption, which differs across countries.

Although the limit of alcohol may be different, the legal consequences which the driver has to face are almost the same everywhere.  You can get your license taken, pay a fine or spend some time in jail.

If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, you will need an excellent DWI attorney who will help you in the process. This lawyer would explain the charges against you and find a way how to minimize or discharge them. You can easily locate these legal representatives in the place where you live, so it won’t be a problem to find a DWI attorney in Albany.

The question is how to find the right DWI attorney for you?

Here are some useful tips.

Compose a list of potential candidates

In order to find the right DWI lawyer for your case, first you need to ask bunch of questions to the people around you. Ask your friends, colleagues or relatives to recommend a good attorney and share their experience.

It’s very probable that many of them have found themselves in the same situation previously. However, if the case ended successfully for them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the same will happen to you, as the facts change with every case.

If you feel embarrassed and don’t feel like asking around, you can always use the internet to do a research. Look for lawyers in your area, write down their names and numbers and afterwards contact each one of them.

Assess the candidates’ qualifications

Not every attorney is qualified to handle your case. First of all, the lawyer needs to have a license or otherwise he/she cannot represent you. It’s wise to choose a local representative, as they know all the people involved in the case and vice versa.

It’s very important to check if the attorney was charged with professional misconduct in the past. If this is the case, this person shouldn’t represent you in court, because of its bad reputation. This bad reputation can damage your case from the start. Visit this page to find out how lawyers can lose their license.

Always choose a lawyer with experience and knowledge in the area of DWI law. You can be represented by any criminal offense lawyer, but it’s beneficial for you if your representative specializes in this field.  

Meet the candidates in person

The initial meeting with the potential candidates is very important, as this is the time to be completely honest and share all the details of your case. You shouldn’t hide anything from the attorney, as this might damage your case later.

You also need to bring all the relevant documents, so that the attorney sees the exact charges. This person should explain the charges to you and create a plan how to handle your situation.

After he/she is done speaking, it is your time to ask questions related to their experience and ability to win the case. However, don’t believe overenthusiastic attorneys who guarantee a win, nobody knows what can happen.

Inquire about the fee

All attorneys charge different fees in accordance with their experience and reputation. You should inquire about the fees on the first meeting; determine if they are flat or hourly.

You should also be informed on the additional fees that might turn up during the process, so that you plan your budget. You can read the cost guide on the following link:, in order to see the approximate fee. Don’t hire anybody until you compare prices.


You need to take plenty of factors into consideration when hiring a DWI attorney.

Make sure it is a confident and communicative person, able to handle your case. More importantly, you should be comfortable and put your trust safely in his/her hands.

Choose a reliable person, with good reputation and recommendations. Having an impeccable reputation is the most significant element in court.

You choice should be always based on your needs and preferences and normally on your budget!


If you’re through Divorce, hire an Experienced Family Divorce Attorney

Separation and divorce have always been an unpleasant reality for most families. Some marriages don’t always work out in the long run as most people plan, usually for reasons out of their control. Today’s society understands the unique situations that precipitate divorce, and the stigma that existed in the past is long gone.

But this doesn’t mean the entire divorce process is easy. Even when the spouses agree to separate in the event that divorce is amicable, it’s usually challenging to untangle two individuals that have stayed and grown together for years. Children, property, spousal support, and other factors complicate the entire divorce process and make it disheartening and tricky. Therefore, you need a reliable Tacoma divorce attorney for both legal and emotional support.

You need legal support

In a period in your life when you are supposed to make life-changing choices, you need someone you can trust to understand the legal consequences of your choices. Besides, divorce lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the complicated legal matters surrounding legal separation or divorce. Therefore, hiring a good family law attorney enhances your chances of going through a divorce without having to do everything on your own.

Sure, most couples try to work out their disagreements without involving lawyers, but this strategy often backfires. The reality is that divorce is usually bigger than the specific interests of either spouse, their kids, and property. To establish a situation that’s best for the kids and either partner requires experience, talent, in-depth understanding of family law, and commitment from the lawyers.

If you haven’t gone through a divorce before, talk to those who have had this experience. You will realize it’s a complicated and emotionally draining issue. Here are some of the significant issues that must be resolved before a family court can grant you divorce.

Child custody

For a more significant number of divorcing couples, child custody is always a contentious issue. Kids their parent’s DNA and each of the parents have an instinctive desire to protect and love them unconditionally. It’s always a devastating situation for a parent to lose access to his or her children.

But this might be necessary in case the party is abusive or associated with issues that disqualify him or her from being a solo parent. Make sure that your lawyer understands all the details to be able to draft a proposal that will ensure the needs and capabilities of your kids are met. Generally, custody fights usually get a little bit messy, and that means a family lawyer must be present.

Division of assets and wealth

Property division during divorce is yet another challenging issue. Often, both parties feel they’re due to more than they should get. Divorce attorneys have experience in handling property divisions. Besides, they understand the specific laws that pertain ownership. In case the case goes to court, you can always count on your lawyer for legal representation.

Child support

Lastly, determining child support during divorce is another challenging task. Sometimes, income levels differ between divorcing partners. Since divorce usually takes a toll on someone’s emotions, it’s possible for one of the partners to feel difficulty in expressing themselves. That means it’s easy to miss out on chances for equitable child support. Fortunately, your lawyer can handle the entire issue on your behalf.