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What Is a Felony?

What Is a Felony? Each state has its own penal code or statutes that dictates how a crime is classified. The widely accepted definition of a felony is a crime that involves a significant fraud, theft or physical harm to another. Some jurisdictions classify a felony as any crime that may lead to a prison sentence longer than a year. A criminal law firm in Columbia MD may be able to give you more guidance on what constitutes a felony in the area.

How Is a Felony Different Than a Misdemeanor?

Misdemeanors are lesser criminal acts that result in local jail time or probation. A person may initially get charged with a misdemeanor and later have it upgraded to a felony. This tends to happen once the court takes the accused’s prior bad acts into account. Felony convictions also carry hefty post-incarceration consequences, including:
  • Being unable to vote
  • Losing the right to possess a gun
  • Being barred from holding certain jobs

What Are Common Felonies?

There are a few crimes that are automatically charged as felonies. These include things like murder, manslaughter, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping. Other offenses, like arson, treason and animal cruelty, are also felonies in most states. Having a basic understanding of felonies may help you understand why you’re facing those charges. If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to contact an attorney for assistance.]]>

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3 Causes of Car Crashes

1. Distracted Driving The advancement of technology to make life easier comes with a downside. Often, people find themselves unable to resist the urge to multitask, even when they are behind the wheel. Smartphones are the primary source of distraction when driving, with people responding to texts, emails and comments on social media. However, this is not the only thing that qualifies as distracted driving. Eating and drinking, conversing with passengers and changing the radio station all have the capability of taking your eyes and mind off the task ahead. Therefore, try to keep your car as distraction-free as possible by taking precautions to curb outside influences.

2. Road Construction

Infrastructure improvements are happening all across the country, and as any car accident lawyer Orlando can tell you, these areas often contain deadly conditions for drivers. Barricades and barrels may help workers keep cars away, but these can also become obstacles if not appropriately placed. Even if they are, other drivers in front or behind may not be paying attention and could cause a crash into something. Always be extra cautious in roadwork areas.

3. Drowsy Driving

People are getting less and less sleep, which is leaving them more exhausted during the day. Driving tired is a real source of danger. When the brain doesn’t get proper restoration time, it can significantly hamper things like reflexes and reaction time. Vehicle crashes can be a nuisance, or they may be deadly. Do everything possible to remain alert and safe behind the wheel.]]>

Family Law

what is family law?

Family Law and Marriage Even before a marriage begins, some couples may seek out the aid of a family lawyer.  Before a wedding, it is common for many couples that have individual assets to want to take steps to protect them in the event of a divorce.  Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is the divorce rates in America today are quite high.  Family lawyers are able to draft a legal prenuptial agreement outlining the division of assets in the event that the marriage does not work out. There are occasions where married couples seek a legal separation.  This is not the same as a legal divorce, which is a complete termination of the marriage.  Other times, couples seek annulments, which is a legal dissolving of the marriage, as if it had never occurred in the first place.  Family law attorneys can help navigate these procedures and help determine what path is best for you and your partner.  When there are children involved in any of these circumstances, things can become a bit messy, especially if the couple is not communicating effectively or objectively, but getting caught up with their emotion.  Family law attorneys are able to help everyone act according to any children’s best interests, often serving as mediators throughout the process. Family law also includes issues of domestic violence.  Unfortunately, incidents of domestic violence are fairly common cases in family law.  This includes acts of violence not only between married couples, but partners who are dating, children and parents, and elder abuse. Family Law and Children When there are children involved in legal issues surrounding their family, all parties become severely emotionally involved and it may be best to seek the aid of a family law attorney who can find the best path to resolution.  Child custody and child support issues are some of the most common family law cases.  When there is a divorce or separation between two parents, agreements need to be made regarding financial care for the children and where they will live.  Family law attorneys can help make these agreements legal so that both parties are obligated to take care of their responsibilities. Family law attorneys can help couples navigate issues of adoption.  The legal process of becoming the legal parent or guardian of a child can be difficult, especially when there is no relation to the child.  There is a process that involves thorough investigations of the person(s) planning on adopting and a number of court proceedings before a child is placed in their care.  Family law also deals with issues regarding child abuse. Miscellaneous Family Law Issues Matters of estates all fall under family law.  This includes drafting power of attorney documents, wills, and inheritance documents.  It is important when you have a family and any assets that you have a legally binding document dividing these among your loved ones after your passing.  This keeps your family protected and makes sure that your wishes will be fulfilled.  Another related issue that falls under family law is filing for a name change.  This can occur upon marriage, after a divorce, when a child is adopted, or for other reasons. Family law is an important branch of legal practice, as it deals with some of the most commonly required services.  Whatever your family-related needs, a family lawyer can help you navigate and find the best decision for all parties involved.]]>

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How To Prevent Burn Injuries at Home

fire alarm in your home. If a fire accident does happen, you would want the authorities to get there quickly so that the damage is minimal. Also, you want to plan an exit strategy for your family so that you can get your family to safety. If possible, it is also recommended that you have a fire extinguisher at home and learn how to use it. One needs to be especially careful when there are children around because they are extra curious. Never leave kids unattended in the kitchen, store matches carefully, and only use candles when you can actively watch them. Electric burns are not uncommon at all so it is important to have an electrician check your house’s wiring at least every 10 years. On a more regular basis, you’ll want to cover electrical outlets, especially if children are around. And regularly check your electrical cords as you should never use damaged ones. Chemical burns can happen very easily because they are caused by the use of house cleaning chemicals like bleach and ammonia. For these, make sure that you wear proper clothing and gloves. Also, wear a face mask to ensure you don’t inhale the products! Another common type of burn is hot water burns. One thing to be attentive of is the water in which you shower or bathe. This is especially important if it’s cold where you live because you may not feel burning sensations until it is too late. Be attentive of water that you’re boiling on the stove, as well. Lastly, ensure that pot handles are facing the stove when being used. You were careful and you were still involved in a fire accident. While worrying about what else you could have done is natural, the best thing that you can do right now is to contact a burn accident injury lawyer. Being the victim of an accident like this is already very stressful, so what you need to do is focus all your energy on healing. Hiring the right attorney will lift a huge weight off your shoulders as they will ensure to build a strong case. Getting properly compensated will ensure that your hospital bills are paid for and that any other losses are taken care of. So, don’t waste any more time and get in contact with a good burn accident injury lawyer!]]>


Grand Junction Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Grand Junction medical malpractice lawyer‘s job to secure him or her damages for your pain and suffering that resulted from a physician’s negligence. In cases of death, the lawyer attempts to college damages for the family of the deceased. This may be a complicated procedure, as malpractice laws and regulations, especially the statute of limitations, can differ from state to state. There are two kinds of compensation available to victims of medical malpractice. A successful malpractice lawyer may have the ability to secure the client both compensatory, in addition to punitive damages. Compensatory damages serve to financially compensate victims of medical malpractice for their financial losses or damages that might have caused the incident. The customer could be eligible for compensation for a whole host of medical bills, both past, and future, including hospitalization, surgery or treatment. The client may also be compensated for pain or suffering resulting from the prosecution. This might include any deformity or disfigurement, in addition to physical or psychological impairment. Punitive damages refer to money recovered to make a good example of the physician in question. These awards aren’t intended to compensate the victim, but to punish the defendant and hopefully deter him or her (and the profession) from future misconduct. Punitive damages are more challenging to recover, as the malpractice lawyer must prove obvious, reckless disregard for the security of a patient. The doctor must have knowingly engaged in inappropriate dangerous behavior for punitive damages to be retrieved. Grand Junction medical malpractice lawyers must know about the specific medical malpractice “statute of limitations” governing the state where the incident occurred, before addressing each malpractice case. The statute of limitations refers to the duration of time an individual can legally wait before filing a claim for medical malpractice. These lengths differ from state to state, so it’s important for both the client and the malpractice lawyer to be conscious of their individual state laws governing medical malpractice. In some cases, in cases where malpractice lawyers are successful in producing compensatory and punitive damages for a client, malpractice payouts can reach into the millions of dollars, depending on how profound the suffering of the victim is decided to be. Then it’s in a victim’s best interest to procure a Grand Junction medical malpractice lawyer who’s well-versed from the malpractice laws of this country where he or she resides.]]>