Category: Personal Injury

Mar 26 2019

How to Correctly File a Car Accident Claim

Getting into an auto accident is – at the very least – a major inconvenience. At its worst, it can be a life-shattering event that results in long-term injuries. If another driver disobeyed traffic laws and rammed into you, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. You will have to file a car accident claim, […]

Jan 25 2019

Should I Sue for Personal Injury?

Personal injury is, unfortunately, something we are all at risk for every day. They are, of course, traumatic events regardless of severity, and they can be devastating in some circumstances. A likely question to arise in these situations is whether or not you have a legal case and whether you should sue for it. This […]

Jan 11 2019

3 Key Differences Between Personal Injury Cases in Canada and the US

The US and Canada have long been known to share many of the same core legal principles. However, when it comes to their actual processes, the two countries have a few major differences. For one thing, US citizens seem to be comparatively more litigious than Canadian systems with more than three times as many lawsuits […]

Jan 09 2019

5 Elements of a Negligence Case

Negligence cases can be tricky to navigate. One reason for this is that in a negligence case, the burden of proof is on you as the plaintiff. In order to count as negligence, a jury or judge will evaluate your case based on several elements, which, when combined, legally constitute negligence. Thus, it’s important that […]

Jan 09 2019

Preventing Liability Claims in Your Home

From holiday parties to family get-togethers or boutique parties, if you enjoy entertaining guests in your home, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to liability claims for falls or injuries. Here are some tips for proactively preventing falls and other mishaps in your home, especially during those harsh […]

Nov 01 2017

How Much Is Your Houston Personal Injury Case Worth?

One of the biggest questions that people in Houston want to have answered before they decide to initiate a personal injury lawsuit is, “How much is my personal injury case worth?” For many, the prospects of a lawsuit and the time involved seem like a hassle unless they will be compensated. The good news is […]

Jul 26 2017

The Financial Side of Injury Damages

After any sort of accident or damage where problem is obvious, you possess a right in order to damages. Injury law is all about precisely which: getting financial help following a minor or even major damage. If you cannot work due to your damage either for a while or completely, if this effects your loved […]

Jul 26 2017

Do I must Pay a lawyer to Review My own Injury Situation?

Accidents happen everywhere and generally, they occur instantaneously with no warning. They might be due to the own negligence or they may be somebody else’s carelessness. When you try a heartbreaking accident due to somebody else’s carelessness, you may exercise your rights and declare compensation for that damages you experienced the individual or business that […]

Feb 17 2017

Why an injury Law Organization Might Refuse Your Situation

Was your own case declined by an injury law organization? It doesn’t imply that you don’t should have compensation or even that absolutely no attorney will require you upon, but there might be several causes of a attorney turning down an instance. Even little, seemingly simple lawsuits include hours associated with preparation, investigation, and documents. […]

Feb 17 2017

3 Pointers with regard to Choosing an injury Lawyer

Accident cases could be fatal as well as damaging for anybody, and if another person has already been behind the actual accident, it’s your right that you simply seek rights. Personal damage cases tend to be overlooked through people included, because these people feel there isn’t any point of attempting to punish the actual guilty, […]