Problems in marriage can occur at any stage, and usually happens over a prolonged period. Couples might encounter these issues, but whether they do something about it or simply shrug it off makes all the difference.
All couples have arguments, but when couples fight constantly and do not seek help, their marriage can go downhill and bigger problems can occur. In this article, we look at a few signs that a marriage is going downhill or worse, headed for divorce :
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  1. Less intimacy

Couples in strong, healthy relationships make time for intimacy. They indulge in physical affection because they still have feelings for each other, and it keeps the relationship going.
If your partner is less interested in intimacy, it doesn’t necessarily mean the marriage is going south. However, if this happens consistently over a period of time, then it could be a sign of trouble. Something is holding your partner back, and it’s your duty to uncover the reasons. When a partner repeatedly refuses sex or even light touching, it can be very frustrating for their spouse.
Everyone has needs, so if a partner’s needs is not met with their marriage, they might seek it elsewhere. This is where adultery and cheating can occur.

  1. Loyalty

When you have thoughts of cheating on your partner, this is another sign that you need to reassess your marriage. When in love, couples rarely cheat on each other as they value their relationship too much.
Cheating comes in many forms. If you have to hide something from your partner, that is already borderline cheating, to some. Furthermore, once a cheater has had their ways, they are more likely to do it again.

  1. Spending lesser time together

If you find yourself spending lesser and lesser time with your partner, or are constantly trying to avoid spending time with them, then those are signs of bigger problems to come. Your partner should be someone you want to spend a lot of time with, and someone you look forward to spending time.

  1. Same topic arguments

Even the happiest couples argue. It’s inevitable in every relationship. However, when couples argue about the same thing over and over, it can be a sign of trouble. This means that there are bigger issues that are not yet uncovered, or are not being addressed.
Fights about the same thing over and over means the previous fights have failed to resolve any problems, and are just a prerequisite for the next argument. Couples have to sit down and talk instead of raising their voices at each other to fully uncover underlying issues.

  1. Loss of trust

The key to any good relationship is trust. It builds the foundation of the relationship and everything after that is in a way dependent on it. When you find yourself losing trust in your partner, that is a huge red flag.
It’s almost impossible to live with someone you don’t trust, and when you find out about something they did that they did not tell you about, it can be very infuriating. Trust is also about emotional bond, much like physical affection. You tend to trust those you love. So when trust is gone, love could very well be washed away with it. And if you don’t love someone, what’s left of the marriage?
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