Pro divorce law means that you represent yourself in your divorce case with no lawyer. The processes you need to go through are the same if you are Pro Se, except that you are responsible for completing and completing all legal forms. Some of the factors that play a role in a person opting for a Pro-SE divorce are, you cannot afford to hire a lawyer. They get an undisputed divorce, have no children or assets and do not want to pay any extra for a lawyer. They become dissatisfied with their divorce lawyer and believe that they could do a better job themselves. Before you represent your side in front of the court consider the legal aspects but not just the emotional aspects of divorce. If you are unable to keep the two separate, it is best to hire a divorce lawyer. Issues such as sharing family ownership, deciding on custody of children, negotiating child support payments and determining support for children can have long-term negative consequences if they are not respected. View more details if you are going through such a time and need to file the divorce petition as soon as possible with the help of the 4 basic steps.

Where to file the petition?

Contact your law clerk’s office or learn about the divorce laws of your country before you register for residence requirements. In most states, you must have lived in the state for at least six months to a year before you can get a divorce. Your county will also have rules regarding residence. You must file your petition in the county where you or your spouse lived long enough to obtain a residence permit. Once this has been determined, you can obtain the required forms from your court clerk.

Reasons for the divorce

If you think you have legitimate reasons to file a petition for reasons such as infidelity, desertion or abuse then be extremely careful when completing the forms and submitting your petition. The courts are only interested in the legal aspect of divorce. If you believe that you are responsible for a major part of your family’s property or alimony owing to misconduct in your marriage please keep any blatant language or details of abusive marital conduct out of the petition. For example, to refer to the reason of the physical abuse, you should say, the petitioner asks for a divorce on the grounds that the Respondent has committed several physical abuses. Do not say, the petitioner demands a divorce because the defendant beats me every time the defendant drinks too much.

Conclusion: divorce and you

You have the right to represent yourself to be a pro-se process but the divorce process can be complex and to encourage anyone who can afford to seek it. If you decide to go to Pro Se and represent yourself in your divorce case you should familiarize yourself with your state divorce laws, the current version of your Civil Procedure Code, your Family Court Judgments and the rules that apply in your local community. Your best source of information is a government library. Most have websites and your local court clerk’s office.