When you initially visit a family lawyer and they let you know the initial fee and later clarifies that the costs may go higher, your first question may be what does the specialist do that costs so much? Well, all attorneys are obligated to giving you a written contract, as well as a monthly statement that shows what was done, who did it and the duration it took. However, this does not usually tell you exactly what’s going on and why it takes so much time.

When you first visit a family law attorney, you are more often than not looking for advice regarding the process of separating you from your spouse. Once you make the decision to divorce, the role of the attorney changes in order to fit the situation. An ideal lawyer will take a look at your specific needs and then tailor their services in order to fit them. The first thing that an ideal lawyer needs to know is your state, both financially and emotionally as well as where you believe your soon to be ex-spouse is at in the same situations. The attorney will give you a notebook setting out information and stating the documents that they will need. The notebook usually has a lot of details that you will need to review and contains a written confirmation of the information that has already been provided to you.

The family law attorney will most likely spend hours or even days reviewing the documents you hand in. The work can be overwhelming, but it’s imperative that they understand what has been happening for the duration that you have been separated. It’s not enough to just know your financial status for the period you have been separated with your spouse. Sudden withdrawals just before the separation can have a huge impact on the property picture. Things like credit card statements can give a ton of information regarding spending habits. The main point is that documents review is a huge part of a family law attorneys job and takes a lot of time.

After the attorney goes through the documents, he or she applies the law and determines the possible situations that might arise given your financial picture and requirements. For example, you might want to keep the marital home, but don’t have adequate liquid assets to compensate your spouse for his or her share in the property. In such a case, the attorney has to analyze and come up with solutions to this issue. The lawyer can also go further to see whether you can be able to afford the upkeep, maintenance, and the monthly payments if you get the property. Regardless of how good the agreement might be, if you have an issue that you considered to be the most important and the lawyer leaves it out, you are less likely to be satisfied with the representation, despite their competency. That’s why the best family lawyers take the time to figure out what’s most important to you.

Child custody is an issue that also takes a lot of time which may not be readily apparent to you. Most people love their kids, but when it comes to separation and divorce, not everyone acts in the best manner possible. When kids are involved, the attorney is put in a position of trying to advance your interests, regardless of the fact that the interest may or may not rhyme with what is best for the young ones. While the lawyer’s role is to help you comprehend the law as well as how it applies to your case, you will need to give them a custody history and help them understand the family needs and dynamic. There are many various things that go into visitation and custody and the lawyer will need to speak to you and probably to those who know your kids and their needs.

In such cases, it is paramount for the family law attorney to know what has been going on in your family for the past several years, what’s good and bad regarding different parenting styles and who has taken on what responsibilities. In custody issues, much of the time family attorneys spend on the phone with their clients involves dealing with issues that are currently happening on a set schedule. It is not rare for some people to make changes to deliberately interfere with the other parent’s time with the kids. At other times, things like storms, or an illness may interfere with the planned upon meeting. These issues are not resolved with a single phone call. They usually entail a lot of calls between your lawyer, and the opposing lawyer. In extreme situations, an attorney may have to draft a motion to involve a judge. Custody issues will usually involve numerous discussions and negotiations and reviews of trivial information.

In all cases, coming up with ideal solutions can be harder than going to trial. At a trial, the family law attorney presents the evidence and requests the court to give an answer. The work required to prepared to prepare your case for trial usually outweighs the actual trial. The attorney needs to study all the available information when preparing for a trial in order to avoid the possibility of surprises.

As you can see, there is a lot that a family lawyer has to do when it comes to dealing with family matters. However, these are not the only cases that these professionals handle. Child adoption is another field that these specialists can help. Adoption is a great thing, but it’s something that calls for thorough vetting and processes that you and your spouse would not be able to handle on your own.

Lastly, much of what a family law attorney does is to simply communicate, both by talking and listening to your needs. The professional needs to communicate properly with you, potential witnesses, the opposing party, other experts and with the court in order to help solve the issues presented. As such, always ensure you do your due diligence before availing a family lawyer. They can give you a free family law consultation over the phone.