Rahul Balaram Discusses Ignition Interlock Violations and How to Avoid Them

Rahul Balaram seeks to help educate those who must use an ignition interlock device so that they may avoid an accidental violation. He also discusses what to do if a violation happens and how to attain the best possible outcome. What Is an Ignition Interlock Device? An ignition interlock device is a handheld breathalyzer installed in a vehicle. The driver must blow into it for it to analyze their alcohol content in their breath. If alcohol is detected, it will not allow their car to start. How to Avoid Violations The best thing to do with an ignition interlock violation is to avoid it altogether. While it’s easy to accidentally break one of the rules, resulting in a violation, there are steps to take to help prevent that. Don’t Tamper with It While it may be tempting, never tamper with an ignition interlock device. It records every piece of information and will be monitored and checked periodically. If you are caught trying to remove it, you may face legal repercussions, since it is illegal to attempt to remove or break the device. Don’t Skip Maintenance You are required to bring your car in periodically to have the device maintained and for the government to download the information it contains to ensure you have followed the rules. Though it may feel like they get in the way of your busy schedule, skipping it may result in a complete lockdown, which can prevent you from driving at all. Don’t Drive Another Person’s Car Don’t try to bypass the issue of an ignition interlock device by using a different car. The device will record that the vehicle has been unused or the battery may die, which indicates that you have not followed the rules. Avoid Alcohol Before Driving An ignition interlock device can detect even small levels of alcohol. Therefore, it’s best to avoid drinking at all before driving or using any products that have alcohol in them. These products include mouthwash, hairspray, and hand sanitizer. What to Do If You Accidentally Violate If you inadvertently end up with an ignition interlock violation, it’s best to contact the officer in charge of your case and explain it to them. Sometimes the device can mistakenly register a violation, too, so it’s best to call and report any violations and lockdowns as soon as you notice them. Do not try to remove or fix the device yourself; leave it up to those who have the authority to do so. About Rahul Balaram: Rahul Balaram is an experienced and dedicated attorney that has represented hundreds of clients. Mr. Balaram takes pride in ensuring his clients are aware of every aspect of their case and that their interests are presented with dignity, compassion, and competence. Rahul opened the Balaram Law Office in Santa Rosa and is widely known for his excellent trial skills, his unrelenting work on behalf of his clients, and the outstanding results that his clients receive.]]>

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