If you ever get involved in a car accident, you may need to hire an auto accident lawyer to help you recover losses resulting from the accident. An auto accident attorney will help you with paperwork and will also file your claim successfully. Knowing when you need to hire an auto accident attorney can make a huge difference between resolving a case personally or with a professional help. Here is essential information you need to know about hiring an auto accident attorney in Greenville SC
Why you need an auto accident lawyer
Car accidents have become very common now that almost everyone owns a car. In fact, most of the personal injury claims in the United States are as a result of car accidents. Many car accidents result in minor damages which can be easily resolved among the parties involved or by contacting the insurance company directly. However, where the accidents have led to physical injuries, fatalities or extensive damages, you may be required to file for claims, hence the need for hiring an auto accident attorney to help you file your claims. Some of the claims a car accident lawyer can help you to file include compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and car repairs.
When to hire a car accident attorney
It is highly advisable that you hire a car accident lawyer as early as possible and if possible immediately after the accident. The deadline for filing differs among different states. Since you may want to cover your medical expenses, repair your damaged car or buy a new one, the sooner you call an auto accident lawyer, the better. However, even if you will take a couple of days before hiring a lawyer, always avoid reaching a settlement with the insurer before hiring a lawyer to help you out with the negotiations.
Questions to ask an auto accident lawyer before hiring him or her
Before you hire an auto accident lawyer, you should gather as much information as possible on car accidents losses and claims. Some of the documents you need to show your lawyer after an accident include previous medical records, your drivers license, insurance policy, and information exchanged at the accident scene. However, to ensure that you hire the right lawyer for your case you should ask him/her the following questions before signing the commitment document

  • How many auto accident cases have you handled before?
  • How do you calculate your fees?
  • How experienced are you in handling accident cases?
  • How much will the legal process cost me?

Calculating your claims fees
Most auto accident cases are held on a contingency whereby the attorney has to win the case to get paid. Therefore, if the attorney does not win the case, there will be no pay. On the other hand, you may agree to pay a certain percentage of your compensation as the legal fee for hiring the lawyer. However, it good to note that fees and costs are two different things and you may have to cater for the costs such as hiring a damage assessment expert separately.
Hiring an experienced auto accident lawyer is one of the ways of ensuring that you receive the maximum compensation possible for losses incurred during an accident.