When a jury determines that someone else was at fault for causing your injuries in an accident, you may think that your legal journey is over. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are a number of appeals that may be filed by the legal counsel for the party that hurt you. What are some other factors that may determine how long your case may take to resolve?
The Jury May Award an Outrageous Amount
In many states, it is possible for a jury to award punitive damages on top of actual losses. This holds a party generally responsible for the accident and attempts to send a statement to any other parties who wish to engage in similar behavior in the future. For example, let’s say a manufacturer knew that there was a defect in its product.
However, it tried to hide the issue until it was pressured to admit that there was a flaw in the production process. A jury may decide to award $100 million in punitive damages as a result. In most cases, the liable party may argue that the award is excessive and appeal it. In some cases, the amount of an award may exceed limits imposed by state law.
You May Choose to Appeal a Jury Decision
It is possible that the jury in your case will choose to side with the defendant if you’ve been in a car accident in Ventura. It is also possible that it will assign partial liability to both parties, which will likely reduce the amount that you can receive in financial compensation. If you don’t like the verdict that a jury has returned, you may decide to appeal the decision. From there, the case may go to a higher court for review. In some cases, a retrial will be held in front of a different judge.
You Don’t Want to Compromise
When a case goes to trial, it does not mean that the parties involved in the matter stop negotiating. All it means is that there hasn’t been enough progress to prevent the need for a judge or jury to make a final ruling. Therefore, there is a potential for an agreement to be struck outside of court up to the time a formal ruling is made.
However, if you don’t want to compromise or don’t like the offers that have been made, it could be months or years before your case is resolved. Your attorney may be able to provide advice as to whether a proposed offer is as good or better than what you could receive from a jury. It is important to note that legal counsel will work on your behalf no matter what you decide.
A personal injury case could be resolved in a matter of weeks if you are intent on settling. If not, it could take months or years to resolve after appeals and other delays are factored in. Ideally, you will stay patient and wait for the best deal no matter how long it takes before it is offered.