One of the most common things that people do with their paychecks is to save up for a car. It doesn’t matter to them if it’s brand new or not, as long as it’s safe and running then they go for it. For those on low budgets, they often become victims of scammers and salesmen who want to make a quick buck.
These vehicles are known as lemon cars. The term lemon was used in the past because it was considered slang in the early 20th century which meant “Loser” or “Simpleton.”
Scam artists also know some sneaky ways on how to spruce up the outside of a car. Owners might think they have a bargain when they buy a car like that. At first, driving is a bit ok with the few occasional dings the suspension makes. Then all of a sudden, the carburetor becomes busted, windows start to fail, headlights begin to dim, and the list goes on.
Some of these damages are bearable at first but then become hazardous later on. Vehicular Head-on collisions are real and often cause fatalities for the driver and his passengers. For people who want to save and at the same time do not want to ride on a lemon, here are some telltale signs to watch out.
Tire treads are uneven
Uneven wear and tear is a clear warning signal that a car is possibly a lemon. Tires usually tell how previous owners maintain their car.
Do an oil check once you get to try out a car that you want to buy. Sneaky salespeople will not remind unsuspecting buyers about components such as oil. Oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine to enable it to perform smoothly. Low-quality oil means that the engine is not working properly.
Shake and Pull
When going out for a test drive, get to a certain speed and watch out if the car veers to the side. If the steering wheel also shakes, then it is a clear sign that a car has a lot of issues that repairs can’t probably fix.
Don’t settle for less. Always test out a car before attempting to put money in it. A con man will try to ignore or prevent you from seeing the car’s works. If this is the case, get out and save yourself from the headache because of owning a lemon car