Family law is a complex process. Divorce is not just separation of two parties. It involves custody of children, sharing of custody, partition of the marital home, distribution of the assets and properties and much more. Divorce alone takes heavy toll on your emotions. It is a time of distress and pain. You need a support to tackle this stressful time. You need aid of expert attorneys such as Petroske Riezenman & Meyers who guide your way through all this trauma. Only an expert attorney can help you have a just separation.

When things go to court, your expenses get double. Your time is wasted on court proceedings. Expert attorneys can help you in an out-of-court settlement. They include all the necessary details in the settlement process. This process is not simple. It is just like a settlement of a dispute. Both parties should agree on the terms of the agreement. For example, when it comes to distribution of the property, the settlement should be equitable and just. You cannot draft it on your own. A family law lawyer has knowledge on how to reach a perfect settlement that suits you at present and is favorable in future times as well.

They can help you in child custody matters. Child custody is a problem when the divorce is occurring between same-sex couples. The rules are not much favorable for non-biological parents. For example if your partner brought the child from a previous relationship, it is very hard for you to keep custody of the child. An expert lawyer can help you reach a favorable settlement. Even if the case goes to the court, the attorney will fight hard to protect your rights.

Pet custody is also a problem. Courts view them as a property rather than an emotional matter. But lawyers at this firm know the importance of pets in your life. They realize how emotional a separation with your pets can be. Pet custody case is also dealt with proper care. Courts have now started to realize the importance of family pets such as dogs. Though are still considered as a property as they were in the past, there is a bit of leniency in the behavior of courts. If your case is in the hands of an expert lawyer, you can hope that you will not be separated with your pets.

Many lawyers and law firms charge their clients more than they deserve. For example, they won’t record the billed hours in a proper way. Ideally a lawyer should record hours right after a session ends. If they are not doing that, they are dwelling on their memory. And it is highly possible that they will charge you more. Moreover some lawyers do all the work by themselves. For example, the support staff charge less than a lawyer. And if a lawyer does the work that a support staff official has to do, he or she will certainly charge more.

But lawyers at Petroske law take utmost care in billing and all the other matters. You can place your confidence in them.