Not all couples are happy. Not every marriage go on smoothly throughout the whole life. There are times when a simple argument can develop into a heated debate that leads to domestic abuse and violence by either one or both partners. Domestic abuse is one of the serious crimes in Massachusetts. If you are convicted, you can face a prolonged jail term along with heavy fines. You may be ordered by the court to attend an intervention program.
According to Commonwealth of Massachusetts domestic violence is criminal act of abuse which can be committed by a family member or a household against  on another. Domestic abuse can be physical as well as sexual. Threats to commit these kind of acts also fall into the category of domestic abuse. Even if there is no actual violence recorded in the family, domestic abuse occurs if the victim alleges a fear of it.
Keren Goldenberg, a lowell domestic violence lawyer, has represented a good number of individuals who were accused of domestic crimes. The list of crimes include domestic assault, child abuse and violation of a restraining order. She has already experienced different situations. Not always the defendant is guilty. Sometimes the alleged victim can trap you in a domestic abuse case to avenge you for some past act. Sometimes alleged victims try to cover up their own transgressions. Sometimes they are looking forward to getting custody of the children in a divorce. In case the defendant and the alleged victim are legally married,  the former has legal right to refuse to testify against their spouse.
Without the testimony of the alleged victim, the prosecutor fails to prove the case. Therefore the charges are dismissed. She is experienced enough to pull you out of troubled waters. If the alleged victim works closely with the prosecution in order to convict the defendant, she adopts an aggressive approach to trial. She carefully investigates the alleged victim to prove that the alleged victim is falsely accusing the defendant of these serious crimes. Cross-examination is very important. When the witnesses are cross-examined at trial, their motive is exposed. Therefore the jury see why the alleged victim’s testimony cannot be trusted.
Will you allow someone to take your case for granted? Would you like that someone wastes your time and money? Of course no one allows that. These are sensitive cases and can take a bad turn if not in expert hands. Your lawyer should pay special attention to details. In-depth analysis will help him or her understand the ulterior motives behind the charges of the alleged victim. If your lawyer uncovers them, the charges will be dismissed. If you or your beloved is currently facing such a situation, you should immediately consult an efficient lawyer such as Keren Goldenberg. If you have been served restraining order papers or have been charged with violation of a restraining order, you need expert assistance of a lawyer. You deserve to get out of this mess.