When you have earned money, of course you have a right to invest it in a proper way. But when it comes to investment, there are certain threats involved. For example if you are investing in commodities, you will have to rely on the broker concerned. You can’t buy and sell directly. A broker registered with a particular firm has to do that for you, but the broker is bound to obey your trading orders. A fraud occurs when a trader acts on his or her own selling or buying commodities without taking authorization from the investor. It doesn’t matter how good a certain deal is, the transaction is illegal.
Similarly the broker is bound to provide you with exact material facts. And if he or she fails to do so, it is an investment fraud. It is also a fact that in some cases the mistake is an honest one. But as it has caused you to lose sufficient amount of money, you deserve a recovery.
Another problem you have to suffer is churning. If your broker is doing excessive trading during a single day, it is illegal. Even though the transactions seem suitable when viewed individually, as a whole they are not beneficial. In the end, you are left with a little or no profit at all while the broker bags maximum amount of commissions. So this is another form of financial fraud investors have to suffer.
Some investors choose to invest in real estate trusts. There are many problems associated with this investment. The brokers who are responsible for selling the property can charge you huge amount of money. In this way a good amount of profit can land in their pockets. There are other issues as well by which you can lose your money.
When you choose to invest in the stock market, your broker is bound by law to advise you to spread your investment among different commodities. In this way there is little danger that you lose your money if a particular stock’s share value depreciates. If your broker fails to do so, he or she is responsible for the financial losses you suffer. Here you have a right to recover your losses. You have a right to consult an efficient lawyer.
Sometimes a broker chooses to make a purchase by excessive margin.  A broker is a financial advisor. He or she has a responsibility to advise you in your financial decisions. If you lose your money in a margin trade, you deserve a recovery of your losses. The broker is responsible for your loss.
All the above mentioned investment frauds and many more are not a problem if you have information of an expert and experienced lawyer. No matter how huge your loss is Galvin Legal attorneys can help you recover all the losses you have suffered. They are trained to collect evidence, prepare a claim and file and fight it before a jury.