Have you been wondering the kind of services you can get from a reputable business law firm? This article will provide you with the right answers to this question. The truth of the matter is that there is so much that you can get from a business lawyer. This article presents some of the notable legal services you can get from a business law firm. The list is long and we may not be able to cover everything here.
Civil Litigation
A business law firm can assist you when it comes to civil litigation. This practice addresses issues such as breach of sale contracts, purchases, supply and supply contracts, partnership and shareholder disputes, business frauds, and trade secrets just to name a few. Civil litigation can provide the right representation for their clients during dispute resolution forums such as mediations, arbitration, and jury trials. Don’t fight by yourself when business lawyers are there to make sure that you succeed in such legal suits.
Construction Law
This category of business law can offer relevant support to clients when it comes to construction law such as formation and licensing of businesses, negotiations via project assistance, prevailing wage and labor disputes, construction claims, bid protests, and review of contracts among others. You’d rather have a professional handle this as you pay attention to other important business issues.
Corporate and Business
A business law firm can help clients in infrastructure and entity formation for business and corporate issues. It can also assist in commercial transactions like supply and manufacturing agreements, acquisitions, and mergers.
Estate Planning Probate, and Trust
Clients visit business lawyers to get assistance with issues relating to trust, planning and probate. Some of the matters that law firms handle include healthcare and asset decisions. You can also get a good healthcare business lawyer who can handle health issues related to your business. It also deals with children insurance issues, ensuring estate, and issues that revolve around inheritance.
Intellectual Property
Some of the intellectual property issues that a law firm can help in litigating include patent, unfair competition, and trade secret. It can also offer assistance with technological transaction needs such as development, manufacturing, licensing, and distribution agreement.
Labor and Employment
When it comes to labor and employment, business lawyers can represent employers in all cases that relate to the employment act. Some of them include offering defense against discrimination, unfair completion, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment just to name a few. It can also assist with labor relation issues like terminating contracts with trade unions and organizing union campaign.
Real Estate Law
Business lawyers can also offer assistance with real estate issues like property sales and purchases, commercial leasing, real estate litigation, easement, title issues, and licensee disputes.  The firm can also help when it comes to agent commission disputes and real estate brokerage.
By now, you should be having a clear understanding of the services that business law firms offer. The next step is to determine the particular law firm to hire depending on the issue at hand. Some of the things to look at is the reputation, years in service, number of good reviews and complaints from existing and previous customers and certifications.