All drivers have their rights to claim when driving on the road. However, there are also rules to follow. It is very important to become well-informed on the right things to do when driving and dealing with a tractor trailer accident. If you’re caught in such an event, it will benefit you greatly to seek help from an Atlanta truck accident lawyer like Christopher Simon.
Causes of Truck-Related Accidents
The causes of truck accidents are innumerable. Both or either of the tractor trailer driver and the passenger driver can be at fault. Handling a poorly maintained truck on the road is a probable cause as well. Driving distractions such as phone calls or text messaging will let the driver lose focus. Moreover,not following defined speed limits and safety rules is yet another reason. A 2010 report states that around 2% of the listed truck accidents are caused by fatigued and tired drivers.Whatever the cause, the effects of a truck and passenger vehicle collision are often fatal.
What and What Not to Do
Keep this information in mind even before tractor-trailer-related accidents happen. Doing so will keep you away from all other complicated legal matters in the long run.
The Do’s:

  1. Photos of the actual accident can be an evidence to show the cause of the accident. Document what the weather was during the accident and if there were any roadblocks present.
  2. Inform the law enforcers about the accident as soon as possible. This is to document the time and place of the accident along with the vehicle and driver information.
  3. Run a basic first aid to those who have light injuries. On fatal situations, call the nearest hospital for a fast rescue. Never let a day pass without a medical check-up. Some injuries could physically manifest days after the accident. Thus, it is better to be objective and have records of your physical condition during and hours after the accident.
  4. Keep a copy of all the information recorded during the accident. This includes your medical record, the other driver’s profile, contact information of the witnesses, and even the police officers who were investigating.
  5. Lastly, report the details of the incident to your attorney and seek for further legal advice on matters beyond your knowledge.

The Don’ts:

  1. Do not be passive about the matter.Negotiate with the other party right away. It is fine to hear them out, but don’t sign any agreement or document for them, especially in the absence of the law enforcers.
  2. Do not engage in a heated conversation with the truck driver. Keep calm or stay away, but do not lose sight of him. This is to ensure that his profile will be documented by the officers by the time they arrive.
  3. Never make a sudden decision despite your injuries, hypedemotions, or physical pain without consulting an Atlanta truck accident lawyer. This will spare you from not receiving the accident compensation that is due for you.

The road is a public property, and there will always be a time when you need to share the road with tractor trailers. It’s better to be safe than sorry all the time. Make yourself visible in the tractor trailer driver’s sight. Your presence will give them awareness to drive with extreme caution. Above all, keep your focus on the wheel all the time by avoiding any distractions as you drive.