If you have a claim to file on either you will need to ensure that you are picking the right lawyer to represent you, which will be a personal injury lawyer or a wrongful death lawyer. To be capable to make a uniformed decision on the lawyer you need to hire you need to find out what each of these terms mean.

Wrongful death

This is a death that is caused by someone actions, whether the actions were unintentional or intentional. The surviving family members, on behalf of the deceased, can likely sue for damages if they can establish the grounds for wrongful death. When a person has caused the death of another person they showing themselves to both criminal and civil liabilities.  For example, if a person is killed or shot then the shooter can be charged for murder in the criminal case. They can also be tried in civil court for a wrongful death suit was filed by the surviving family members. If the shooter were find guilty in the criminal case they usually would face time in prison. In the civil part of the case the shooter could be thankful to pay the surviving family members for any emotional damage the death caused. This is an on purpose cause of a wrongful death.

For an unintentional wrongful death there could be caused by carelessness such as clash or being hit by a drunk driver. Charges could be filed because the surviving members have suffered emotional or financial distress. The funds that are prized in any wrongful death could be used to pay for a medical, funeral expense, to compensate for the loss of income of the decreased, services of the diseased and emotional support.

Personal injury

This favors to suffering physical harm or emotional anguish a person feels because of some kind of accident or negligence. A personal injury could occur in a workplace, a restaurant, or a store. It could stem from a faulty defective or a product service. It could be from a person being involved in an accident not their suffered and fault injuries. Personal injury could also be the outcome of chemical exposure in the job place, bus or train accident, a dog bite, or falls. They could file with a personal injury lawyer for compensation for their suffering and medical expenses.

In conclusion

To hire a wrongful death lawyer there would need to be a death and to hire a personal injury lawyer there just needs to be some type of emotional pain, suffering and injury.

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