If you are facing a legal situation that could be quite difficult to resolve, you may want to consider working with an attorney. Whether you choose an individual, or you contact a local law practice with multiple lawyers, there will always be someone that can help you. The cost of using lawyers can sometimes be very expensive but their knowledge of the law can be invaluable. There are many different types of attorneys including those that practice criminal law, family law, accidents, as well as immigration attorneys. Before you decide to work with one of them, you may want to consider whether or not lawyers are worth the money.

Are Lawyers Worth The Cost?

When people find out how much an attorney will cost, this is the question that they often asked themselves. For example, if you are going through a divorce, and you speak with a family law attorney that charges $300 an hour, you will probably consider whether or not retaining this professional is worth the money. If you get busted for a DWI, you’ll certainly need a DWI lawyer like Pepe and Wintrode. Often it depends on the situation you are facing. If you are not able to file the paperwork, and if the other person has already retained an attorney, you will certainly want to retain one for yourself. Additionally, lawyers understand the laws very well, and can often make decisions for you that could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

When Would You Not Need A Lawyer?

There are times when working with a mediator might be a better choice. Using a divorce as an example again, if your spouse and you are on speaking terms, working with a mediator would probably be the best decision. However, if you and your spouse are not speaking, and she is trying to keep the children from you, you will certainly want to retain an attorney that can help protect your rights. Moreover, if you have a substantial amount of property that is to be divided between the two of you, as well as many liquid assets, they may be able to help you retain a sizable portion of those assets for yourself. Doing this on your own will leave you at the mercy of the court, and your spouse’s lawyer, which is a position that will likely lead to a substantial loss in assets.

How Much Does It Cost To Retain A Lawyer?

The retainer fee that you must pay the lawyer can range from $2000, all the way up to six figures. If you are retaining a lawyer for a family law matter, this will be far less than retaining a criminal attorney that will represent you in court. This money is from which they will take what they charge per hour, and if there is any left, they will return that to you promptly. You should do your research to find a successful attorney one that charges less per hour if possible, with a much more reasonable retainer fee if you are concerned about it. If you’re looking for a legal representative for personal injury, it might not cost you a penny unless you win the case.

In almost every case, it is unwise to try to resolve legal matters without an attorney. As a general rule, if you are going to court against another person that has retained a lawyer, you absolutely need to have one representing you. If you don’t, it is likely that the fees that the attorney will charge will be of minimal by comparison to what you could potentially lose. They offer you the best protection for your assets, and your rights, and are well worth the cost in most cases.