Have you been terminated in light of the fact that you are pregnant? A few laws shield workers from such acts, and employment discrimination legal advisors Coffman Legal, LLC help ladies simply like you consistently. Realizing the facts is basic to seeking after justice. If you have been terminated for being pregnant, you might be qualified to file a claim with an accomplished pregnancy discrimination legal advisor.


  1. You Are Arbitrarily Fired For Being Pregnant

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) gives legitimate rights to pregnant workers under government law. If your boss has at least 15 workers or more than that, you are secured against pregnancy-based discrimination. The law secures these circumstances: if you are pregnant, have been pregnant, or may end up pregnant. If you have been fired from job for being pregnant, contact a discrimination legal advisor and check whether your circumstance will support a case of discrimination to be filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

  • Your Employer Does Not Grant You 12 Weeks of Unpaid Leave

Your safety under the law is not constrained to securities against unlawful end. For instance, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires organizations with in excess of 50 workers to concede qualified workers 12 weeks of unpaid restorative leave every year. This leave can be utilized as maternity leave, and in addition for certain other medicinal conditions. If you have worked for your manager for something like a year, and for somewhere around 1250 hours amid that a year, and your boss has in excess of 50 workers, and he or she doesn’t allow you 12 weeks of unpaid leave, counsel a lawyer promptly.

  • You Get Unequal Treatment in Using Accrued Leave

All employees ought to be dealt on equal basis regarding advantages of work. Do you know your working environment arrangement on utilizing accrued leave while requiring some time off amid pregnancy or after child birth? If your employer isn’t expecting others to utilize accrued leave and is expecting you to do as such, you may have a legitimate case of discrimination under the PDA, and you ought to consider counseling a specialist in employment and work law.

  • Unequal Treatment in Firing Policies for Too Much Missed Work

Have you been fired for missing excessive work amid your pregnancy? Provided that this is true, it might be an unlawful end. It relies upon whether your boss is liable to laws like the FMLA and PDA. You may likewise have extra insurances under laws restricting discrimination based on a disability if you experience the ill effects of medicinal conditions amid your pregnancy which additionally qualifies as incapacity. As referenced in the example above, an arrangement of end after a specific number of missed long periods of work ought to be connected similarly to everybody — regardless of whether because of pregnancy or some other reason.