Immigrating from one country to another is very easy nowadays with the new sets of rules that are being implemented and new treaties that are being made among the countries and various associations like the European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). The force of immigration depends upon the type of economy and the availability of opportunities in that country. Immigration to one such country is Canada. The immigration to this country dates long back and most of these immigrants became Canadian citizens later on. After 1947, the domestic policies along with the Act of Refugee Protection went several transformations and is still evolving to this date. According to latest reports, there were nearly 320,554 immigrants who traveled to Canada.

The immigration policies require several legal formalities and verifications. One can get easily stuck and land up in a foreign jail if his/her documents are misplaced. Handling such sensitive cases is a group of lawyers called Toronto immigration lawyer who helps you to seek expert legal help and advice for dealing such issues. The various options that the firm provides to you are:

  • Express Entry Program- The Toronto immigration lawyer helps the people who need their assistance in the express entry to Canada which has been created by the CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada which is known to be a front-end system. This system dominates permanent residence under criteria like:

      1) Federal Skilled Worker Program

      2) Canadian Experience class

      3) Portion of Provincial Nominee

      4) Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • Work Permits- In order to earn salaries in Canada, one needs to have a work permit. Work permits are only given to ones who get a job in Canada. In case you have a work permit, your employer needs to get an Employment Validation legalized by Service Canada. This firm and the lawyers help you to get a one work permit in no time as long as you have a job offer. They specialize in all types of works permits.
  • All Students Visas- In order to study in a foreign university, you need permission from the government. Carrying on with studies in Canada requires a student visa. It is necessary for the students to show:

    1) They are selected by the colleges that are approved by the state of Canada.

    2) The bank statements showing they have enough money to pay for tuition.

The firm of Toronto immigration lawyer helps to fetch you a student visa and provide necessaryevidence proving that the stay will be temporary, thus reducing your mental exertion to a great level.

  • Business Immigration Service- Canada has successfully developed an open-economy which promotes fruitful business. The western country also allows potential individuals inside the country as Businessimmigrants. The business immigrants class are of three types:

     1) Immigrant Investor Venture capital pilot program

     2) Start up Visa

     3) Self- employed

All businessapplications require many documents and which can only be prepared with the expert help of the immigration lawyers of Toronto. The firm helps to get a visa to all immigrants.