Every driver of a vehicle has a driving record. The driving record contains information about the driver’s driving history such as:

  • Status of driver’s license
  • Traffic accidents
  • Driving record points
  • Traffic law violations, convictions and fines
  • DUI public records (driving under the influence, drink driving, or drive while intoxicated)
  • Whether your driving license is valid, suspended or cancelled.

A driver’s driving record starts with zero demerit point. Demerit points are assigned by the ministry of transportation. These points are added to the driving record if the driver is convicted of breaking certain driving laws. Every country has her own demerit points system. The rules are different depending on whether you are staying in California or somewhere in England. Demerit points could also be different depending on whether you are driving in Los Angeles or in Asia.
No one likes to accumulate demerit points on his or her driving record. The demerit points stay on the driving record for 2 years from the date of conviction. Driving records with too many demerit points can cause the suspension of the driver’s license. The demerit points will also determine whether the driver’s license is going to be renewed or whether the driver needs to be re tested.
Not many drivers know that their traffic tickets can be legally contested. Those who knew about it seldom contest because the city and municipal governments have made the process inconvenient and cumbersome. Those who have contested and succeeded, they did so with the service of professionals who are experts in this field. If you have been issued a speeding ticket while driving in California, you can get the California speeding ticket lawyer to look into your case.

If a driver is caught with beating a red traffic light, the driver could be given a ticket by a police officer or get a red light ticket if the driver is caught on a traffic camera. Before paying a red light ticket, the driver should go to a red light lawyer to find out the penalties for beating red lights and whether you could get a trial or plead not guilty. Besides being fined, the driver will get 3 demerit points and these points accumulated, could affect the driver’s insurance rates.
DUI or driving under the influence is a severe offense. When drivers have been charged with driving under the influence in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles DUI attorneys will determine whether the charge could be reduced or dropped altogether. In most cases, they will try to get the DUI charge reduced to a reckless driving charge which is far less severe than those charged with a DUI offence.